Friday, October 08, 2004

I've put up the new chapter a day early (blogger's being a shit about perfectly simple html tags right now so you'll have to click the link to the right). While others may talk of getting naked, Boschen and Nesuko are wrapping it up.

Interesting presidential debate. It was good seeing the two guys not anchored by podiums, roaming about like vicious dogs (or as close to vicious dogs as two fairly stiff guys in suits can be). Kerry has content on his side but Bush has cleaned up some of the embarrassing facial tics from last time (although not all of them). says he seemed shrill, but maybe that didn't stand out to me because I'm accustomed to all of Bush's mannerisms being repellant.

In the world of critical viewers, Kerry won. But as to who actually will end up benefiting . . . There are, of course, factors of which we are all aware and which I find too depressing to mention right now.

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