Thursday, February 10, 2005

Hey, I hate Thursday. And yes, it's because the maids are here. Spoiled brat, am I? Well let's see . . .

Advantages of having maids here; floor gets vacuumed, the little table next to the bed gets dusted, and the sheets might get washed.

Disadvantages; I only get four hours of sleep, I have to somehow get everything off the floor and stuff it into my closet, I have to hide my coffee thermos so it doesn't get washed and all coffee put in it taste like soap for days . . . Okay, the worst part is the sleep thing, not merely for the lack of sleep. But because it bisects my day; I'll spend the time wandering listlessly, until I come back and fall asleep again, often times getting nothing done all day, never actually feeling rested. But, hurrah, the floor's vacuumed.

In better news, I picked up the 1938 Robin Hood DVD a few days ago. Just gorgeous; impressive, lush Technicolor. And Errol Flynn is such a wonderful bastard--I believe he really could waltz in and have a smug little dinner conversation with President Bush--I mean, Prince John--before handily escaping his guards (Marion; "You speak treason!" Robin; "Fluently!").

To think Jimmy Cagney was originally up for the role! I'd have been waiting the whole movie for Sir Guy to get murdered while Robin cackles away into the night. Still, Cagney, who at least was a good actor, would've been better casting than, oh, say, Kevin Costner.

The DVD came with a lot of bonus features, including a wonderful 1938 Movie Experience thing that had a bunch of the shorts and news reels that were typically shown before a movie in 1938. A lot of really sweat swing stuff.

Anyway, I oughtn't even to be pretending wakefulness right now . . . Better start walking . . .

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