Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Woke up feeling something terrible. Was it the tap water? Was it the Taco Bell burritos I wolfed down on the way home last night? Was it the walk? Was it something else?

It only figures as I now have gotta scramble to get my shit together for departure. Yes, I am gonna be dissapearing for a few days . . . I think I'm getting back on Friday. I'm going with parents and sister to Lake Arrowhead, where I suspect I shall end up eating too much.

What really kills me is that I'm gonna miss taping Only Angels Have Wings on TCM at midnight to-night. You know, if someone out there has a desire to be really, really sweet to me, they might wanna consider nabbing that motion picture for me to-night *puppy dog eyes*.

I shall now try to gather stuff and strength to the soundtrack of Velvet Underground songs. Until days from now, bye!

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