Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I watched Forbidden Planet last night. Not a bad movie. It came from a time when space meant cold, weird, discordant electronic sounds. Which was kind of neat, I think, as I think it reflects the terrifying strangeness of being outside earth's atmosphere.

I didn't notice the whole movie that the story was based on The Tempest. Even though it very much was. With Robby the Robot as Ariel, which I didn't mind, even though I usually prefer to think of Ariel as a pretty girl, perhaps because of The Little Mermaid.

Perhaps the most surprising thing was that I didn't find the movie to be at all silly. I bet there're plenty of people who would but . . . I took it as seriously as it took me. Even though Leslie Nielson's flying saucer crew talked like the 40s movie crew of an American WW2 battleship. They even had a cook wearing an apron and a paper hat. In fact, I liked that.

I'm horribly sleepy. I didn't go to bed until 8am because Trisa and I met for breakfast--dinner--meal. And at 2pm I realised I had to wake up fully (I'd woken up briefly earlier to enlargen an eye) because I have to go to a guitar class with my sister.

I'm currently drinking bad coffee and there's nothing else to say . . .

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