Saturday, June 05, 2004

No blog entry yesterday because . . . I was not here very much.

Where was I? Nowhere of particular interest.

Actually, let me start by saying that I saw Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho for the first time on Friday morning. That's a beautiful movie. The beginning segment with Janet Leigh does the wonderful thing of putting together a world where you are guilty and on the edge of being found out by a world with a frighteningly greater moral clarity than your own. By the time Norman Bates shows up, we're already in a place where bad things can happen to us not simply because life is cruel and people are twisted, but also because we're not entirely sure if we don't deserve it.

More can be said; the music was gorgeous, Anthony Perkins was perfect as this sweet kid whose mother knows best, and the camerawork and lighting were . . . you know, supurb. There's not one mistep in this movie.

So Friday evening, I went to a play with my family and my sister's boyfriend. This play was Moliere's Don Juan, which was a lot of fun. The lead actors were pretty talented and fun to listen to as they delivered naughty dialogue. And there were ghosts and talking statues and . . . fun.

And last night, after a fruitless attempt to install Neverwinter Nights, I watched Top Hat, a Fred and Ginger movie with songs by Irving Berlin, including "Cheek to Cheek." And what a glorious dance sequence that was.

I really am spoiled by all this great art, I think.

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