Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I've been working on Boschen and Nesuko every night, wanting to complete at least one page a day. This has regularly taken until 5am, but last night I somehow finished at 2:30am. So last night I watched Body and Soul, a film from 1947 about a boxing champion played by John Garfield.

It was pretty good. A typical story of athlete fights for friends and family, athlete gets corrupted by fame and fortune, athlete has climactic fight where he might salvage both his soul and the faith of his girl. But it's put together by a very smart screenplay. You're never really sure what who's gonna say next, but it always seems natural. My favourite scene was Peg (Lilli Palmer) answering the door early in the morning to find Charlie (Garfield), her estranged former fiance. The conversation they have is really neat, particularly the part where Peg mentions not being "very bright" that morning because she'd worked late the night before. Just a nice moment of a character's "real" life making itself known subtly in the dialogue.

I'm a lot more tired right now than I oughta be . . .

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