Friday, April 02, 2004

Okay! Doll Merchant is back! And with a snazzy new format.

Watched Annie Hall last night. Egad, what a brillant movie. Woody Allen skillfully exploits the human thought process for silliness and great fun. Definitely one of the most believable and entertaining relationships between some of the most believable and entertaining characters I've ever seen in any work of fiction. Diane Keaton comes off as naturally nervous and nerdy, conveying all sorts of things at every half-second. And her clothes are great. It ends up being a meditation on relationships in general and makes some truly keen observations that make you sort of want to swoon.

And now to-day, I think I'll go and see Hellboy, which I think shall turn out to be a slightly different experience. I'm the only person I know who wants to see this movie and I'm not even entirely sure why I want to see it. I've never read the comic books, although I've heard them spoken well of. Dunno. Maybe it's just Ron Perlman seems so perfect in that role and I thought he looked a little like Tom Waits in City of Lost Children and I know there's a Tom Waits song used in Hellboy. Maybe it's 'cause John Hurt's in it. Maybe it's Selma Blair. We'll see, we'll see . . .

Had coffee with Trisa yesterday. Her shirt was deceptive.

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