Friday, April 09, 2004

Watched Ninotchka last night. It was nice. I wish Bela Legosi had been given more screen time. Greta Garbo was good in a distant sort of way. She sort of looked like Aimee Mann.

I am angry! The Last Unicorn has been released on DVD--but only in pan and scan! Grruah! Those fucking bastards at Artisan and/or Family Entertainment! And I was looking forward to seeing that movie in widescreen--I don't think I ever have seen it in widescreen. Now I wonder if I ever will--guah, those dicks! In this day and age! When I thought people were maturing past pan and scan! This is really just . . . unacceptable.

Watched part of a five hour documentary about MGM yesterday, hosted by Patrick Stewart with a grand exuberance that few men could have pulled off. But Patrick Stewart kicks ass, so he did it.

The documentary showed a clip from the mid-twenties version of Ben-Hur, which I'd very much like to see one day if only because of the excessively lavish production value and the colour scenes with beautiful naked woman happily parading down a street, throwing flowers.

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