Thursday, June 30, 2005

In my dream Tuesday night, I was driving just west of Parkway Plaza at night, around the Trolley station. I there encountered Herbie (the "lovebug"). I got out of my car just moments before it and Herbie engaged in a terrifying melee.

The sounds of pounding and screeching metal filled the black atmosphere of the empty night. It was fortunate the Trolley station lot would be so deserted at that hour else scores of passers-by could not help but be pulverised by the grappling vehicles. Before long, orange flames were slashing at the sky as the once car-shaped fighters were now reduced to writhing, desperate strips of gnarled black metal.

But Herbie died and I felt a moment's pride in my own car before it, too, succumbed to fatal injuries.

Anyway, I did a "Lara Croft" version of Nar'eth for the latest pin-up.

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