Friday, June 17, 2005

What a long, wasted day. Like it was eaten by a whale.

My grandmother had artery surgery recently so she needs me to drive her places, and Thursday morning she decided it was absolutely necessary to go TV shopping at Best Buy. The bulk of the day was then spent listening to Salesman Raoul and a connoisseur passer-by explain the finer points of plasma versus LCD/projection. Over and over again.

Having to run errands for my grandmother on Tuesday made me a day behind, so I worked on Boschen and Nesuko until 6am, before having to get up early for the maids on Thursday.

Ugh. So Thursday night I made damn sure to get the penultimate page done, even though I have to get up early again to-day. I'll probably sleep most of the day after that and not start the final page until evening. Oh, wait, I have to go back to Best Buy to-morrow to sign something . . . I say, ugh. I'm sure it'll all work out somehow . . .

At least when I switched on the television this evening I had Jennifer Connelly to look at, in the trailer for her new mundane horror movie.

The best part of Requiem for a Dream was ogling her, am I right? Hehe.

Seriously, kids, say no to drugs.

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