Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's hard to put away groceries when Lucky the Cat is sitting there with an expression on his face like, "Hey, man, what're you doin'? You still have some explaining to do!"

I don't know what I need to explain, what trespass I may've unwittingly made in the cat world. Oh well. He seems to realise I cannot know, for he now gazes, sober, at the trees behind the house.

And about Jimmy Cagney, I say his body was like a dog but his head like a cat's.

I watched The Public Enemy last night. There were a lot of simply good movies in the 1930s. Movies that were just nice stories without worrying about being mega-watt blockbleeders but adhering to a no-sloppy philosophy.

It's the movie that made Cagney a star and it's got the grapefruit in the face scene. And a surprisingly small role for Jean Harlow.

A good bunch of guys who happen to be bootleggers and occasionally robbers and vandals. Done well.

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