Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Another trip to the dentist's to-day, this time for two fillings, and there'll be two more on the eighteenth. The dentist seemed dismayed at being able to put tooth coloured filling in only one tooth, having to make do with silver on the other. I might have told him neon green filling in that rear molar wouldn't be noticed before my absent front tooth and the pervasive discolouration.

Saliva kept building in my mouth and I reflexively swallowed a few times while he was drilling away tooth decay. "Sorry," I said, "I seem to be having a problem with saliva building up."

"You're not the only one," he said. I probably oughtn't read too much into that. But whatever happened to the days of doctors being cold and impersonal? The dentist is way too friendly, in any case. He shook my hand and congratulated me on the "work" I'd done. Do I transmit the vibe that I need positive reinforcement for my performance as Guy Lying There With His Mouth Open?

Note, doctors of the world. For you I am not a human being. I am an animal.

I just had dinner at my mother's house and she posed the question, "If you were going to die to-morrow, and you could spend the day with just one person, who would it be?" I chose Scarlett Johansson because I heard she likes sex.

Note, Scarlett Johansson. For you I am not a human being. I am an animal.

I always look forward to Valentine's Day because I like the red and violet everywhere, and all the angry couples at the mall fill me with schadenfreude. Also, the Valentine's Day episodes of Futurama are for whatever reason among the best of the series. I love the episode with the killer Lucy Liu bots, and the episode where Fry gets his head attached to Amy's body is my favourite episode of the whole series. It kills me every time that he chooses that moment to break up with her, for only a list of ridiculous reasons.

But it was the episode I watched a few nights ago, where Planet Express delivered barrels of Sweethearts to Omicron Persei VIII, that gave me a weird and strong craving for those same hearts. Even after seeing them being made, in the episode, of bone meal and earwax, and thinking that made sense. So I bought a box at CVS last night. I think it creeped out the girl at the register.

I suppose it wasn't the best thing to eat the night before a trip to the dentist. Why aren't there Night Dentists? I hardly got any sleep to-day . . . But at least I'm finished with pencil and ink on Moving Innocent. Now it's all over but the colouring. Well, and the title page, for which I seem to be leaning towards a vaguely Valentine's Day theme, which wasn't exactly on purpose, but if Sonya takes it as a Valentine's Day gift, I'll call that a fringe benefit.

I'm sleepy, so I don't think I could do anything now that required a lot of concentration. But fortunately, the palette's established for much of the colouring I need to do. On the other hand, I have taken the fanfic as an opportunity to be experimental with colouring. On the proboscis, I've already mapped out the really experimental stuff with the inking. We shall see . . .

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