Thursday, February 01, 2007


1. something intended to deceive or defraud: The Piltdown man was a scientific hoax.

So why is the Mooninite marketing incident refered to as hoax all the fuck over the place?

If hoax implies intent . . . just what deception was intended? Just what is implied beyond "rude Mooninite"? The fact that it's coupled with an obvious electronic device? Would it really be more likely for a bomb accompanied by a rude drawing to be obviously electronic than not? Anyone with a brain cell would say "no." So, are we to then expect ambiguous public signage to be accompanied by disclaimers?

Two innocent kids are already in jail for what the quivering jelly Boston apparently has for a mayor referred to as "corporate greed". I've looked at one of the kids' web sites. Yeah, obviously corporate greed. Obviously a big, fucking danger. Or maybe I need to be a rich old jackass to see it that way.

If anyone goes to prison for this, even if it's Ted Turner, I think it may be the most 1984-like incursion on the right to free speech yet.

I'm not encouraged by almost universal news coverage of the event portraying it as a narrowly avoided danger or a malicious stunt. So far, Keith Olbermann's the only newsperson I've seen covering it as the piece of ridiculousness it is.

Odd Lite Brite advertisements don't scare me. Piggish government bureaucrats who arrest people for them do.

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