Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I just had myself two--excuse me--damn fine cups of coffee. Specifically, David Lynch coffee. I was so excited when the package showed up that I had to make a pot right away.

It came in a neat black metal cylinder that I'll definitely be saving. The coffee itself tastes a little sweet, which I ought to've expected. Sort of butterscotchy. I had to order it pre-ground, so I have to wonder how much better it'd taste freshly ground.

Progress on my new project has slowed in the past couple days. But Sonya and I have been e-mailing like rabbits--she reviewed what I've been working on and gave me a very encouraging thumbs up, so I'll call that progress.

Not too much else to mention right now, except that I'm very excited Boschen and Nesuko's finally been mentioned in Wikipedia--only as a footnote in the entry for kukri, but still, that's plenty cool. Anytime Boschen and Nesuko's mentioned alongside Dracula, I'm happy.

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