Sunday, June 24, 2007

A much better day for writing to-day. I felt pretty solidly wrapped up in the characters, and their motives and communication techniques felt like they were nicely weaving. So at around 5pm, I got some food at Del Taco and went to Tim's, where the computer I normally play Oblivion on is cracking up in interesting, often amusing ways.

For a while, the whole computer'd randomly been rebooting. That doesn't happen anymore, but oddly enough, things have started to get weird within the game. I loaded one game that I'd saved during a clear day only to find it was suddenly night time during a heavy rainstorm. My character was still in a vineyard south of Skingrad where I'd left her, only she'd completely lost her body, and all the people were gone except for a lone guard by the town gate, and all of his clothes were missing.

So I started a new game--the game starts off in a dungeon where you join the Emperor (voiced by Patrick Stewart) and his small retinue of guards as they're trying to escape some mysterious assassins called the Mythic Dawn. Everything was going fine until the Emperor fell through the floor. The guards and myself soon followed and soon the four of us were freefalling through empty space before automatically teleporting back to the dungeon where of course we immediately fell through the floor again. All the while, the Mythic Dawn were scrambling around madly still trying to fight us.

So now I'm back here and maybe I'll work on some character sketches.

By the way, happy birthday Spooky.

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