Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The new Sirenia Digest came out a couple days ago, Sonya recommended a web comic to me called Narbonic, and I realised I hadn't been reading much of Catch-22, so I decided to devote as much of yesterday as possible to reading. I finally broke down at 1am and watched Charlie Chaplin's The Circus again, but mostly yesterday was a pleasant reading day.

I'm really bad at reading web comics, something I'm quite ashamed of, especially in light of the support my own web comic's received from nice web comic makers like RMG and the folks at Yamara--both examples of web comics I've read some of but not all of, in fact I've yet to read any entire web comic, except Scott McCloud's very short pieces. Oh, and I think I've read all of Return to Sender, but that one's short and unfinished, so it doesn't count.

But Sonya exerted intense feminine wiles, overwhelming me with the beautiful mystery that is woman, so that I was powerless to refuse on the grounds of not merely my hormones but also due to the shear awesome panoply of sensuality and sexuality as it may be transmitted though the internet tubes (her exact words were "Start here and read"). So far I've managed to read the first ten, which leaves, oh, just six hundred forty five to go. But it is good so far. There's a clear Futurama influence (the show's already even been explicitly mentioned), and it's got nice mad scientist and doomsday device humour.

So many of the things I've been reading lately make me wish I could slow time down. The pace of Narbonic makes me feel like I can be satisfied with one or two pages a day, and Catch-22 is like a more laconic and inert Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. I can appreciate the sort of exquisitely crafted humour in just a couple paragraphs, but then it's a little obliterated by the exquisitely crafted humour of the next couple paragraphs. It almost feels like reading good poetry--I'm also currently reading Sonya's Postcards from the Province of Hyphens, and I find I'm deeply satisfied by just a single poem, so I've been going through the book pretty slowly. It gives me something of the feeling I had when reading books as a kid, when a single novel would seem to fill up months, making a consistent alternate reality for me to jump to. Yes, friends, density is good.

I didn't get very much done yesterday--I mainly did a lot of character sketches. But I'm very happy with several of them.

And I'd like to say happy birthday to Robyn, though I think she's still sore at me because I completely pwned her in an argument we had about censorship a few months back. But I don't hold it against her . . .

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