Wednesday, April 06, 2016
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I saw this bird on the way home to-day. I've never seen one like it and have no idea what it is. I was driving past Sea World so maybe it's an escaped penguin? That can fly? Or climb a lamp post? Well, I wish it speed in getting as far from Sea World as possible.

Here are some more photos that've accumulated on my camera--I took a few at Liberty Station, a former Navy Training Centre that's been converted to a hipster food court, a Vons, Trader Joes, ballet schools, and various deserted art galleries. I took pictures of buildings that look like they haven't been bothered with in quite a while.

Here are some ravens I saw hanging out by the Ikea a few days ago. The one sitting was huge and not even slightly afraid of me. Still, I'm glad I have a camera with a proper zoom now because it was always impossible to get close enough for a decent shot otherwise.

Twitter Sonnet #858

Invasion's monochrome resorts to goats.
All corn repeals the maize re-branding late.
If godly cereal could include oats
There'd be no egg or fish we'd own we ate.
Elab'rate tiers of afterthoughts pull down.
A weight awaiting corpses seals the fall.
No tablecloth was set for adult's frown.
No painting sold upon the withered mall.
Apportioned pillage cracks the thatched state code.
At leisure, plastic brains repulsed the deer.
Amorphous groves emit a shapeless ode.
Expectant pages have a cat to fear.
The harp of Herrmann murders suits at work.
To dagger fights you never bring a dirk.


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