Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Last night I dreamt I needed important surgery of some kind. It was urgent, it needed doing within the next couple days. "Weird Al" Yankovic went with me to the hospital and waited outside while I was in the operating room--he wasn't the surgeon. The surgeon was a very pale bald man with dark rimmed glasses who started casually telling me about how great white people are and then I remembered I'd googled him the night before and learned he was second in command of some kind of KKK compound a few miles north. I got up and left, saying I would look for another doctor.

Speaking of a better Doctor:

THE DOCTOR: You'd better not tell that to the Coalith, C'rizz, otherwise their delicately balanced science would crumble, leaving them all stranded in a void of implausibilities.

CHARLEY: You're talking nonsense again.

THE DOCTOR: Nonsense is to sense as shade is to light. It heightens effect.

This is from the Eighth Doctor audio play Absolution from 2007, written by Scott Alan Woodard. One of the cleverer audios, this features Paul McGann as the Doctor and is the final story for the companion C'rizz (Conrad Westmaas).

The Doctor and his other companion from this period, Charley (India Fisher), find themselves in what appears to be a manifestation of Heaven and Hell. While C'rizz finds himself in Hell being recruited as a soul snatching demon--with increasing willingness--the Doctor and Charley investigate the underpopulated Heaven. In one sense, it's pretty typical in being a supernatural concept slowly revealed to have technological explanations, but it's an entertaining meditation on subjective justice. It features one of the Doctor's subtlest dark moments at the end and a companion who very effectively calls him out on it.


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