Tuesday, December 13, 2016
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This is to-night's full moon. Now that I have a camera with a proper zoom I can take a picture of it.

I had a two hour gap between two of my classes to-day. Normally I spend that time reading but a Fiona Apple line, from her song "Waltz", came to mind; "Go out and sit on the lawn/And do nothing/'Cause it's just what you must do/Nobody does it anymore." So I sat on a bench and just stared into space thinking for a long time. Then this skunk appeared across the way:

It came out of one of those round drains behind it and whenever someone walked too close it'd hide itself in one of the drains too shallow to hide its whole body. But it braved the open air again to reach this food dish I think actually belongs to an orange cat I've seen about the same area:


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