Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Some Kids . . .

Some kids ride bicycles
Some kids ride unicycles
Some kids ride racecars
Some kids ride aeroplanes
Some kids pilot fighter jets

Some kids are faster than you
Some kids know what you don't know
Some kids get applause
For eating glue
Some kids always know what to do

Some kids swing off metal bars
And fly into the sky
Some kids might run up to the stars
Some kids might just die

Some kids are taller than me
And some kids
Have more money than ye

Heaven sounds troups
And levies gifts in random pounds
Savage matters of fact
Simple doses of natural world

Having to take the walk
And go past the kids who
Do everything else you think;
"Did any kid ever do everything
at once?"

Suffer nothing and there's
Nothing to suffer
Having a nice pond and a koi
Some kids have nothing much
Some kids have everything anyway

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