Saturday, July 12, 2003

Ze cat will not let me sleep.

Housesitting at my aunts here, where Macy the cat enjoys pouncing on my stomach just before I start to nod off. So I've finally given up. I've fed her, and now I'm making ready to leave.

There are supposedly two cats under my care, but I have yet to see the one called Sonic, who I remember as being a huge, battle-scarred fucking bull of a cat. He's the outside cat, and perhaps the reason I haven't seen him yet has something to do with the raccoon I met in the garage last night--the garage being where Sonic sleeps and eats.

The raccoon fled the scene when I entered the garage . . . almost. He stopped halfway through the pet door, stripey furry tail hanging out. I could already tell that he did not want to relinquish the sweet deal he had somehow determined this garage to be.

Finally he did go all the way out, but, after I waited for a moment, his head darted back in.

One look at me, and he pulled out again. I squatted in front of the pet door, looking at him, and he sat there looking at me. He released a frustrated sigh, and I mimicked him, which made him do a double take.

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