Wednesday, July 09, 2003

There . . . The deed is done.

My car . . . is empty. I don't think it's been this empty since I got it. Even when it was being practically reconstructed after being hit by a green bug (driven by someone smoking a green bud, heh heh *cough*), it still, even then, had a buncha crap in the back seat. Well not now.

And gods, the nostalgia. At one point I became overwhelmed by the shear quantity of drawings I have accumulated--many dating all the way back to Junior High. Not just the massive stacks that I pulled from my car to-day, but also the drawers in my old desk that're filled to bursting, as well as those contained in bags, old backpacks, and large plastic storage containers. Don't even ask me what I plan to do with all of these drawings. There're a lot I'm not wholly proud of, but each one has it's own charm for me somehow, even if it's just 'cause it reminds me of where and who I was when I drew it.

I have to get up early to-morrow--eight a.m.--and I hope I can do it. I was thinking, as I was going through the stuff in my car, about how my alarm clock is kind of dodgy, and sometimes chooses not to work . . . when I found, buried under some things under the driver's seat, a combination calculator, calender, and alarm clock. So many random things in my junk, it's weird sometimes how things can turn up just when I need them. It's weird, in a way, but sometimes I feel like my junk is my caretaker.

I found some chopsticks too.

I'd better get to sleep now . . .

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