Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Ug. Having trouble concentrating to-day. I need to get out of here . . . I really do write better at Starbucks. This house is just too creepy and frustrating.

Blagh! I can't even concentrate on this blog! Grr. If I had some more money, I think I'd feel better . . .

I signed up for classes last night. Looks like I'll be taking British Lit, Japanese II, and the Acorn Review. These are all classes I"ve taken before, all with the same teachers, all in the same rooms. Ye-haw.

. . . ploah! Concentrate Sets! Please?

This is strangely a little like when I was first approaching Seattle, in danger of falling asleep, I actually started screaming at myself. But hey, it worked. I'm not weird, you're weird. Eh? EH?! Oh yeah, well . . .

Look at that, it's time to go.

"Is there anybody out there?" -Pink Floyd

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