Friday, May 21, 2004

Last night I watched The Love Light. It was the first Mary Pickford movie I'd ever seen and I . . . liked her. She was a cute little lady. I can see why she would have been refered to as a "darling." Her sweet little face was just fun to watch and, even though the movie was a sorrowful melodrama, I kinna took delight in her impishness.

The movie was about a young Italian woman named Angela (Pickford) whose brothers go off to World War I and get killed. The movie was made in 1921, long before Hollywood was ordered by the government to be a propaganda machine for World War II. So at this point, film makers were still allowed to show war as an awful thing, which they often did.

So The Love Light was essentially a series of stories about poor little Angela, nearly all of which end terribly. First her brothers die, then the man she'd secretly married turns out to have an awful secret, then someone steals her baby . . . One of my favourite shots in the movie is when Angela is holding a duckling to show her baby in the crib. When she finds the baby gone, she, in her panic, accidentally drops the duckling in the crib and leaves it there. It's horrible, but it was an adorable shot.

But the movie does have a happy ending and, damnit, that girl deserved one.

So to-day . . . So far, I've gone to Grossmont Centre to check out the new Wal-Mart that was built there. It feels kind of like the Target, only trashier.

And now, I have a lot of things to get done . . . I hope this headache goes away.

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