Tuesday, May 18, 2004

So far, to-day's been a civilised venture into Caitlin's newly created field known as xenovaginoplasty. I feel wonderfully scientific this day.

Some of my research has given me to know that female genitals are very friendly.

Last night, I watched Grand Hotel. I was definitely happier to see Joan Crawford than I was to see Greta Garbo, but I do love Greta Garbo, especially the shot where she was taking off her ballet shoes. Lovely, lovely.

Crawford was absolutely gorgeous, especially in her little, very low cut black frock.

The movie itself turned out better than I'd anticipated. Normally, I don't find big ensemble pictures very entertaining, and since this, the brainchild of Irving Thalburg, was the first ever big ensemble picture, I wasn't expecting much. But in the end, it really did all come together wonderfully.

Oh, but to-day belongs to the vagina . . .

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