Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Saw Van Helsing last night with Tim and a couple of his coworkers.

The movies was okay. It was fun. It was very easy to see how it could've been better, though. I think I'm being spoiled by watching too many good movies lately.

The main problem I had with Van Helsing was that the action was essentially meaningless. There were too many awfully extraordinary, coincidental, near death experiences for such moments to have any credibility. It gets to the point where you're terribly aware that this was something written, that literally the only thing that holds any sway over the characters' survivals is the whim of the writer. As such, it begins to feel pointless listening to any silly, derivative exposition or watching any of the sadly sanitary looking monsters.

Hugh Jackman, David Windham, and Kate Beckinsale are cute and the action, although fake looking and often tedious, has occasional moments of grace. Although most of the environments look fake, they're often pretty, in a derivative sorta way. The soundtrack's good.

Bottom line (which this is, huh): A halfway decent good time, but certainly not worth seeing twice.

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