Sunday, May 23, 2004

Last night I watched You'll Never Get Rich, a movie I'd been looking forward to watching for a while now as it stars Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth, two of my favourite stars. Astaire said later that Hayworth was his favourite dancing partner. And I don't blame him. Not only was Hayworth beautiful and charismatic, her dancing was also pitch perfect, better even than Ginger Rogers'.

The movie was also very smart and funny, even though more of it took place in an army camp than I would have liked. Although it does give Fred opportunity to dance alone in the guard house--at one point, I realised he was dancing slightly off beat and I started thinking, "Ah, so the great Astaire wasn't perfect after all," when Rita Hayworth walks up and says, "You're a beat off." Astaire had danced a beat off because the script had called for it! Neat!

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