Monday, July 09, 2007

I turned on CNN to-day just in time to see Michael Moore feasting on a Wolf's lifeless carcass. The video's finally online here, though I wish it included the Sanjay Gupta hit piece that preceded the interview. Moore was right to be as pissed off as he is in the video. Gupta's report, while trying to appear fair-minded and giving points to Moore for bringing to light stories of Americans fucked by this country's healthcare system, also included what seems to be the right-wing counterattack strategy, which is to mention problems in Canadian and French healthcare systems Moore's film doesn't mention, as though that somehow means Moore "fudged the facts" (as Gupta put it in his piece. Moore uses the phrase deliberately in his criticism of CNN's coverage). Moore says he's going to put corrections to the hit piece on his web site to-night, but the bias is already clear; if the problems with Canada's, Britain's, and France's healthcare are so egregious, than why is the U.S. still ranked worse than all three countries? And if universal healthcare means higher taxes, isn't that still better than a country where a large portion of even the employed population doesn't have healthcare coverage?

EDIT; Here's the page where Moore refutes CNN's false information, point by point.

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