Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I was at Grossmont Centre in my dream last night--Grossmont Centre being a mall near here, except in my dream it was Grossmont Centre as it was when I was a kid, and it still had the cinema where I barely remember seeing Supergirl (1984). In my dream, I was trying to buy minutes for my phone, and the first place I tried was the cinema where a big bearded guy at the concession stand sold me fifteen dollars worth, which happens to be exactly what I bought yesterday in the waking world.

After buying minutes in the dream, I wandered the mall a while before deciding I wanted more minutes. I went back to the cinema only to find the interior had completely changed. It was now a dimly lit bar run by two elegant, beautiful, dark-haired Russian women. The older of the two explained she couldn't sell me minutes until I purchased a hundred dollar insurance contract from her. She was smiling and looking down her nose at me so I could tell she was toying with me and didn't care if I could tell. The younger woman was trying not to laugh at me. I liked those two.

Anyone else wonder if global warming is actually caused by secret experiments with an ancient, gigantic creature in Antarctica?

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