Monday, July 02, 2007

The opening from Fallout 2, the best computer RPG ever made;

Bethesda's in charge of Fallout 3, and I'm fervently hoping that they don't fuck up the dialogue and speech interface, the best part of Fallout 2. I really hope they don't use the tedious colour wheel thing from Oblivion.

Things from Fallout 2 that I'm afraid won't be in Fallout 3;

The ability to hire prostitutes.
The ability to hire prostitutes for your NPCs.
Drugs that temporarily improve character stats.
The potential to become chemically addicted to a certain drug, taking a hit to your stats when you can't get a fix.
Hubology, a rather harsh, and very funny, parody of Scientology.
The ability to become a porn star.
The potential to fail an audition for a porno in an embarrassing manner based on your stats.
The ability to kill children.

These kinds of things are getting to be pretty rare in video games these days. What we need is a return to traditional video game values.

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