Thursday, December 10, 2009
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Here's the best I could salvage of the Morrissey concert from my sister's camera;

Clips were short because of the mean usher, and were blurry because the auto focus on the camera was more into the people standing in front of my sister. This was the best still image she got;

Also on my sister's camera, I found this picture of me reading War and Peace to Saffy the Cat.

"Rostov is foolish," says Saffy. "But go on." I really need a haircut.

A kind person at informed me the 60s band I was curious about in the series of video clips was in fact Shocking Blue. This is the very video;

Love that bass. I wasn't even able to search for the title before as the quality of the amplified sound in the symphony hall make all the lyrics unintelligible to me. But it had that pounding bass and drum with the cool girl's face--I was sold on those two things.

The guy I'd described as "an American singer of Italian descent" was in fact Irish singer Joe Dolan.

I guess I thought he was Italian because he looks a little like Frank Sivero.

Happy birthday, Brian.

My tweets from last night;

You know spinach is hiding everywhere.
Leafy greens coldly observe all your sins.
And Christmas light eyes at packages stare.
Friends and relations stored in labelled bins.

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