Wednesday, March 15, 2017
      ( 2:14 PM ) posted by Setsuled  

This is a rainbow from a few weeks ago. I think the above picture could be used as an album cover for a grunge band.

The weather's been all over the place here for the past couple months, with a few days of rain with temperatures just about 60 Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) to a day like yesterday that was over 90 Fahrenheit (32 Celsius). I think it's settled down for now on hot but I wouldn't bet money.

I had two vivid dreams last night. In one, I was trapped in a large, old house where ghosts kept starting to appear in the form of gathering, bright orange, glowing fog like avatars rezzing in Second Life (the clouds are orange if you use the Firestorm viewer) but I fled every room before they could fully manifest. I don't know why I felt compelled to get away, I had the distinct impression that each ghost was bewildered and lost; I think I was just being antisocial.

In my second dream, I was driving all over San Diego county in a black van accompanied by a fluffy grey cat. We stopped at a shopping mall and the cat got out and quickly scaled the side of a four storey brick Macy's. It looked around wildly when it got to the top, I remember seeing it in the distance above against an overcast sky. I wondered how I would get her down but she came back down pretty quickly and easily and got back in the car.


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