Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Annie Proulx going on about how much Crash sucks.

Gods, what an unenviable position. First your movie loses to one that sucks a big fat one, and then you can't complain about it without being labelled a sore loser. Well, hell, who wouldn't be sore?

I first read about the article on Huffington Post, which only links to an article about the article. My link up there takes you to the real thing on The Guardian's website. Why Huffington Post didn't simply link to it is beyond me.

Anyway, speaking, to segue weakly, of moving pictures involving homosexuals, I last night watched the first episode of Iczer One, an anime OVA series that Owl pointed me towards.

Hot damn, was it ever a lot of fun. It's about an alien race of lesbians called--get this--the Cthulhu. And yes, tentacles are involved. I can think of at least one person who'd seriously dig this (Caitlin, I'm looking directly at you). I mean, it's not a series to passionately clasp to one's breast on cold nights but, jeez, it made me smile.

The Cthulhu have some kind of design on Earth, but they must get through Iczer 1, a warrior girl, and her friend, a human schoolgirl named Nagisa. There's some nice little horror scenes as the Cthulhu infiltrate Nagisa's reality, giving her disturbing visions and changing her family and friends into gruesome monsters. Plus there's gratuitous nudity and meka.

Mind you, I've only watched the first episode so far, but it's reminding me of what I love about 1980s anime, when the perverted and inventive side of the genre really started to take off, before it was corralled and reformed into the more assembly line product it too often is to-day.

It also broadened my appreciation for GAINAX. The meka fight scene at the end of the Iczer One episode seemed a clear influence on Evangelion, and I noted that all the GAINAX series frequently refer back to the classic perverted and demented anime tradition, using those modes to actually tell more complex stories.

Iczer One, at heart, is really candy, and it's not surprising that it's creator went on to do Magic Knight Rayearth. But what great candy!

And Owl and Robyn have barely talked about it in their blogs at all. How the hell do you ladies keep stuff like this in your bonnets?

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