Saturday, March 11, 2006

Here're some of the reasons I love Jedi Academy, with a little help from various mods I downloaded;

Here Dooku faces off against Jack Skellington. Who won? Well, who's the Pumpkin King in the picture? Count Dooku don't hold a candle. Especially when he's only got one and Jack's got two.

The Predator makes a beeline for Boba Fett. The Predator model was stolen by some modder from one of the many Alien vs. Predator games. Which is something that guys in business suits talking on their phones while driving frown upon.

At long last, Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan versus Alec Guinness Obi-Wan. They square off here in the Emperor's Throne Room from Return of the Jedi.

Things look grim for Ewan.

. . . but he turns it around. "Face against the wall, old man!"

Now it's getting nasty. Notice the burn marks all over their clothes.

Alec; "I already figured out this alternative to fighting, actually."

A courtyard from Hogwarts Castle. You can barely see Asajj Ventress down there.

Me using a sexy goth Twi'lek--one of the game's default models, actually--versus Anakin Skywalker at Hogwarts.

Inside Hogwarts. Anakin's trying to figure out how to approach me without letting me crush his windpipe.

Jack versus Luke in the Bespin carbon freezing chamber. Luke doesn't think the children of Bespin appreciated their Life Day presents this year. He knows who's responsible.

Me choking Mace Windu in the Japanese garden from Kill Bill volume 1. Or shall I call him Rufus? No matter; I shall rule this yakuza galaxy.

Yep. Mon Mothma versus Predator. The leader of the Rebel Alliance squaring off against the universe's ultimate sport hunter.

Then, when I'm fighting him, the ultimate hunter does a smooth back-flip into one of the Death Star's many bottomless pits.

Samus Aran versus Jack. It's just cool.

Back at the Japanese garden, Mace takes out his frustrations on Indiana Jones.

A chance closeup on this amazing, amateur-made Indiana Jones model. Much better looking than any of the models from the actual Indiana Jones games, in my opinion.

The House of Blue Leaves from Kill Bill volume 1. Here Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 asks Boba Fett if he really thought it was going to be that easy.

Yuna chases Fett down the hall.

Oops. It seems Yuna overshot her quarry.

I was admiring myself in the bathroom, when the mirror tipped me off that Yuna was gunning for my be-tentacled scalp.

A modder named Sith-J-Cull created an amazing model of the Millennium Falcon;

The cockpit interior can be seen from outside.

Inside the cockpit.

Looking left reveals part of the Falcon's exterior--something they never managed in the movies.

The lift for the top hatch moves about as slowly as it did in The Empire Strikes Back.

But it gives you easy access to the dorsal side of the ship.

Cull also filled in a lot of the areas unseen in the movies, possibly using some of the semi-official schematics. Here're Han and Chewie's bunks.

Even the head.

Close inspection reveals Boba Fett toilet paper. No wonder he hates Captain Solo so much.

Hmm. Someone left the chessboard on.

A moment after Chewbacca ran Han through with an orange lightsabre. You don't play this game for sense.

I close with cheesecake; Yuna on the left and Leia versus Jack on the right;

I found most of these mods at PC Game Mods.

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