Sunday, March 05, 2006

I guess I've put the amount of effort I'm willing to put into My MySpace. Now that I've really sniffed around under its skirts, I can more authoritatively say that it is rather third rate. I guess it's a decent little place for advertising yourself, but the deemphasis on the blog aspect is sort of unappealing for me. I guess I feel the content of a person's character is better reflected in blog entries than it is in their photo and list of interests.

I'm not sure that's as trite as it sounds.

I'm using a background graphic I originally made for my blog. Blogger allows for much easier, broader customisation than does MySpace. Blogger actually let's you load the page template and let's you change any piece of HTML you want. With MySpace, you have to do a kind of circumventous hoodoo--which, oddly enough, seems to meet with the administrators' approval, even while they won't provide the most basic of tools with which to do it. So all coding has to go into the "About Me" field, which made me feel like a slave whose master's given him his very own woodshed.

I took a cue from Avarwaen and used mine to advertise Boschen and Nesuko a little. It was very nice of her to include the banner on her own site. I'm always rather pleased and flattered when people use it.

I noticed earlier that, for the time being, Boschen and Nesuko's gotten 200 fans on Online Comics. Which isn't bad, considering that it isn't a studiously homogenous teen romance manga, which is what seems to be the big craze there.

The number may drift in and out for a few days. I notice I tend to lose fans now and then. I can only presume they're people who think, "It's been much too long since there's been any violence! Too much talking!" or "It's been much too long since there's been any talking! Too much violence!" or "Where's the gratuitous nudity these days? I'm gone." or "What's with all the gratuitous nudity? I'm gone." Or just possibly, "This guy can't draw."

I always remember Oscar Wilde saying, "When critics disagree the artist is in accord with himself."

But all in all, I'm extremely pleased with the volume I'm getting. It's a rare day now when I get under a hundred hits, so I don't feel I'm sinking or swimming based on what I get from Online Comics. Which seems to have a very strange popularity system. Boschen and Nesuko moves to and from the popular section with no real particular rhyme or reason. It doesn't seem to correspond with the number of fans it has, though occasionally it goes to the popular section when I receive one positive feedback. Just one seems to do it, which seems very silly to me, as anyone could put a friend up to it and cheat their way in.

It doesn't matter a great deal to me, though, as I don't get any particular increase in hits from being in the popular section. The whole thing's rather useless, if you ask me. Not to disparage Online Comics, which has been by far the single biggest source of hits for me. But its automated and fan bureaucracies are kind of amusing.

I had some perverted dreams last night. First I dreamt that C3PO was using Star Trek transporter beams to molest children, all while Oingo Boingo's "What You See is What You Get" was playing in the background. I know; a Star Wars character using Star Trek technology? I am twisted.

I also dreamt I was reading a comic written by Caitlin and illustrated by Jhonen Vasquez. It was about a skinny blonde Japanese girl having sex with an oversized caterpillar that looked like a hedgehog cactus while being photographed on a polished black square, like the one General Zod was trapped in in Superman 2. When the caterpillar came out of her, it didn't have spikes any more.

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