Monday, March 13, 2006

I believe I fell asleep last night at about 4am. I got up at 8:30am to give Tim a ride to work, as his car's in the shop. I figured it's the least I could do, after he last night gave me a single disk containing the entire Iczer 1 series, as well as what remains of this season of Justice League.

Tim's job has apparently moved to a place in National City, which is a little ways south of downtown. After I dropped him off, I explored for a little while, as National City is not a part of the county I've been to very often. I've been curious about it, since it's where Tom Waits grew up. It was a nicer part of town than I was expecting, but still full of neighbourhoods of ratty, little cube shaped houses, looking like prototypical ghettos. These were interspersed with very clean, polished looking commercial zones. An alien visitor could, I think, easily determine who the ruling class was.

I wandered until I reached Euclid Avenue, which I recognised from occasions when I took the trolley downtown. It passes a new looking shopping centre with a Starbucks, major Supermarket (I don't remember which), the whole bit. But it's always struck me as resembling something painted by an army of angry toddlers--someone thought it would be a good idea to paint the place with bright purples, oranges, and yellows, in a sort of jigsaw puzzle fashion. It's evident that the surrounding community is rather poor, so this seemed a rather cruel joke on the part of some planner. Standing among those walls must make one feel as though joy itself is a hollow illusion.

I'm not sure what I'll do with to-day. I may write the new Boschen and Nesuko script, or maybe merely decide how to begin it. I may work on another project. I'll probably find out.

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