Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'm feeling pretty foggy this morning. Maybe because I'm out of coffee, and had to suffice with a cup of Earl Grey this morning. I need to go out for my fix.

Though, while I was in the middle of typing that, my aunt knocked on my door and handed me a bag of coffee beans. So, yes, I shall definitely have to go out, now to get this ground.

I'm feeling very lazy this weekend. I could have spent all night watching movies last night. I watched Sense and Sensibility for the first time in a long time. What a big difference from that new Keira Knightley monstrosity; actors actually sounding as though they understand the words coming out of their own months! No arbitrarily placed, overwrought wide-shots and crescendos! Plus, the disk has two separate commentary tracks, one with Ang Lee, the other with Emma Thompson. I'm looking forward to those.

Afterwards, I watched the first episode of the original Gunbuster or Top o Nerae. Tim was unable to find subtitles for it, so I was watching it in Japanese without any English aid. I wish I knew more Japanese, but apparently I knew enough, combined with the expressive visuals, to figure out what was going on. I'd seen the series in High School at some point, but my memories of it were pretty dim. I certainly didn't remember it having such great animation.

But, yeah, I need to work harder on learning Japanese. It's the grammar that's really difficult for me now. Constantly saying to myself, "Subject, Object, Verb, Subject, Object, Verb," doesn't help my ears to actually untangle the sentences. Of course, I know it ought to be more a matter of taking the ball of twine as is, rather than a matter of untangling.

I closed the night by reading one of the Sirenia Digest vignettes, called "Bridle". It seems Kelpies are quite sexy. It's a nice story of dangerous nature and eerie sex. That's not a terribly good description, but the best part of all these vignettes is settling into their indescribable atmospheres.

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