Monday, March 20, 2006

I'm unreasonably sleepy right now. I got about eight hours, so I don't know what it is, exactly. Maybe I'm missing some kind of vitamin.

For some reason, the black text is really pretty against the white background...

Er, I'd better crack down on Boschen and Nesuko more to-day. But I'll tell you about some dreams I had last night.

First, I dreamt I was floating above the city before zooming in like a camera on a high-speed chase on the freeway. It was a single police car chasing a van with faded and cracked tomato-red paint. The freeway was down to two lanes and there were normal, ugly residential areas on either side--backyards with dead lawns and torn, old clothes swaying on clotheslines.

The van finally stopped, squealing as it skidded around in a fish tail manner. A large man got out, holding a child. The man was tall, about six feet; he had green skin, messy black hair, and an enormous gut under his denim vest. He had a pistol he was waving in the air.

The child was a little square-headed blonde boy with black t-shirt and jeans. I think maybe he was Mormon.

The cops got out of their car, propping their gun arms over the roof as they shouted the usual cop things; "Drop the gun, sir!", "Let the child go!"

The man shot the cop on the right, a plain shaped white guy, so the cop on the left, a skinny black woman, shot the man in his big denim gut. She walked around the van to get a better look at the green skinned guy on the ground. But she didn't see the child climb into the van and start shooting at her.

The kid missed, but while she was looking at him, the green skinned man had gotten up and climbed into the van, too. He shot the child three times and drove away, leaving the policewoman alone.

See, that's the movie Crash ought to've been.

Next, I dreamt I was at the mall, heckling a woman working at a jewellery store. I have no idea what my beef was, except for some reason, I really hated jewellery in the dream. Finally, the woman offered me a job, and I was so flattered that I took it. I woke up feeling very charismatic.

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