Thursday, November 01, 2007

Bleugh. I'm oddly restless. According to my regular, internal clock, and the number of hours I'd been awake, I ought to have gone to bed at 4am last night. Instead, I had this weird, ticklish wakefulness that lasted until 6am, and then I found myself unable to sleep past noon. Maybe it was all the sugar I had. Well, some might point out that the glasses of wine, the vodka, with the pot of coffee in the middle, might have had more to do with screwing up my brain.

I missed what sounds like a rather nice Halloween festival in Second Life's New Babbage because I was watching Suspiria with my sister and her boyfriend. That is a good movie for Halloween, since its odd, discordant sound effect soundtrack is pretty spooky just to be overheard by the trick-or-treaters.

Not much else did I do last night. One charming little item I forgot to mention about taking my grandmother to the ER a couple nights ago is that when we got in my car, it wouldn't start. I had to drive my grandmother's SUV, something I plan never to do again outside of an emergency situation. But my car's battery's just mysteriously dead (I guess it probably has to do with shutting myself away to work on a comic for weeks), so I'll be walking everywhere for a while. Not that I mind, really . . .

In the wee hours last night, I didn't do anything more extraordinary than Jedi Academy, where I participated in an underwater free for all involving five versions of Padme, three versions of Yuna (from Final Fantasy X and X2), three of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Jack Skellington;

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