Sunday, November 04, 2007

I've been colouring. Part 2 of Kim, Kimberly, and the Snake ought to be done pretty soon. I've decided not to stress over it. Not that there's much to stress about after all the writing and drawing is done. I don't even have much in the way of palettes to come up with. It's basically paint by numbers now.

I've actually been catching up on Heroes, something I definitely wouldn't do if it weren't for the fact that episodes are viewable online. I'm up to the fourth episode of the season--gods, this show is cheesy. Sometimes it's So Bad It's Good, like Hiro in fuedal Japan, which is so, so clearly shot in Southern California. It's like the Errol Flynn Robin Hood without the ingenuity and beautiful camera work. And characters continue to do phenomenally stupid things, like Claire not telling her dad about her new boyfriend for no real reason at all, arousing his suspicions. Or super-powered Peter joining a gang of thieves--even getting one of their tattoos, because they have a small wooden box with his wallet in it, and he has amnesia (though he knows he has super-powers).

Still, some of the Sylar stuff I've been seeing lately has been enjoyable. I don't know if this guy's going to be an ideal Spock, but I do like him.

What's with all the Star Trek actors turning up on Heroes, anyway? Now there's a guy from Enterprise and Nichelle Nichols. It's like Gargoyles, another show unrelated to Star Trek and Paramount where Trek actors nonetheless started turning up in droves. Is there a secret Trek actor newsletter?

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