Monday, April 07, 2003

I am at this moment at the home of my aunt and uncle, house sitting. I shall be here for several days.

I had this vague idea of using this strange place to get some mad writing done, but right now it's too interesting or something.

One of the cats here, named Macy, is extremely sweet. I just met her, and already she's jumping into my lap and stuff.

My original plan was to stay up until 6am to give her breakfast at her regular scheduled time, and then go to sleep. But now I'm thinking I might try going to bed now--sleeping for five hours, and trusting myself that I'll awaken at the right time. Why do I trust myself when I've burned myself time and time again? When will I learn?

I bought so much water to-day. Sixteen gallons. Lemme tell ya, it sure improves the coffee. I think the tap water was making me sick, and infecting me with a mild delirium.

My goodness, but the monitor for this computer is far away. It's a flat screen, and it's all the way at the other end of the desk, under a shelf. I feel like I'm looking at proscenium stage.

I see that this family bought into that most pointless of all computer accessories--the cordless keyboard. I hope the damn thing doesn't run outta batteries while I'm here.

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