Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Stupid moments in television!

I witnessed two this evening, beginning with what was quite possibly the stupidest episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the history of all realities.

Apparently Buffy's "Scooby gang" thought it wildly unreasonable that they should attempt to attack the villain they've been preparing to attack all season. So unreasonable that they voted her, one of their most powerful and valuable allies, out of the gang. Honestly, she could've stumped all of them with, "What else're we gonna do?" Given that the Caleb guy appears to be nigh-omnipotent and merely toying with them or something before killing them.

I realised to-night how much better the writing on Angel is where, even if logic goes out the window on occasion, at least it's still all in good fun. The difference is most marked by the behaviour of Faith, a character who has recently been on both series. On Angel, she was a pragmatic, complicated and interesting ass-kicker. On Buffy, she's a confused, faux teen-pop speakin' girl who can be beaten up by regular human police officers.

The second bit of televised stupidity witnessed by me this evening was X-Men: Evolution, where Storm conveniently forgot that she's able to control the weather.

Oy. Why didn't she just look at her name tag and ponder for a moment why it says what it says?

Bright spot this evening was that Justice League featured Superman and Wonder Woman fighting in a three story mall. That was nice. That was very nice.

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