Monday, April 14, 2003

Isn't it weird when a taste appears in your mouth, created by what you've just eaten, but resembles not said lately eaten food, but something entirely different? It's happening for me right now.

Let's see . . . what I ate was a bowl of ramen and a very, very large piece of chocolate birthday cake. And with this I drank some lemonade that'd been in my backpack for the past several days.

What I now taste is something like . . . pea soup, with pepper. Most peculiar.

Saw Cowboy Bebop: The Movie on Sunday night. 'Twas a fun experience.

Often times I think I like Cowboy Bebop more for what it tries to be than for what it actually is. It all seems like a very good concept but there's such an unintentional innocence to the execution at times that it just makes you sigh. But you want to play along.

Trisa gave me a Morrissey CD to-day. Very happy about that.

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