Wednesday, April 02, 2003


Billion things I meant to do to-day. Billion things I didn't do because I ended up getting caught in the garbage disposal of a billion other things.

I went to Trader Joes to-day to buy tamales and veggie buffalo wings. The people at Trader Joes are really scary. As I was telling Tim, they all seem like the sorts of people who have solid gold sinks in their bathrooms which they're terrified of getting toothpaste on. I could swear they knew me as an intruder in their world, and their sharp,, distrustful eyes seemed to aimed at me the whole time I was their, like spears in the hands of the cannibal people of the uncharted tropical island.

Monday night seemed like a string of things went wrong. Isn't it weird when bad things come in groups like that? They day had been feeling good early on, but even so, I ought to've realised something was off when they refused to sell me iced tea at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. The girl told me they were now only allowed to ring up hot tea.

After that it was misadventures of relationships with friends, strangers, and technology.

Maybe it was all to karmically offset the fact that a short story of mine got accepted in the Acorn Review. (yay?)

Judging from some of the negative reactions people had to it, I've realised that many people are far easier to confuse than I'd previously imagined.

Trisa did me a great honour by likening my "contraversial" storytelling technique to William Gibson's whilst defending me. Cool girl.

So now I'm extremely sleepy and I think I shall just sleep about it soon. I talked to Cryptess on the phone for a while to-night and she has perhaps the cutest voice ever in the universe.

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