Monday, April 28, 2003

I'm back, and I'm a-watchin' Justice League.

Class to-day involved attending a rally--er, reading starring an author named Victor Villasenor or something.

He didn't read from his books. He did paraphrase them quite a bit. He was kinna interesting when he talked about his family history, like about how his great grandfather was in a Mexican army and was ordered to kill Native American women and children. Which he did. But then he saw a little Native American girl running towards him with her hair on fire, and he suddenly realised that she was not a demon creature as he'd been taught, but a little girl. He not only spared her, but shot his companion who tried to shoot her, and adopted her. She ended up being Victor's grandmother.

Victor was kinna interesting when he discussed his life in an anthropological sort of way, but when he got into talking about how everyone in the world should recognise that there is one earth and one god, he kinna lost me. He also had an annoying habit of asking the audience questions he already knew the answer to, or thought he knew the answer to ("How many of you have parents?"). All in all, the guy had too much of "a message" for my tastes, even if I for the most part agreed with him.

(Now watching X-Men: Evolution. By no means the best X-Men incarnation . . . I love Storm. I've always really liked her for some reason, I'm not sure why).

I was so irritated by the guy that when he had us all turn to our neighbours and say "God bless you" I turned to Trisa and and said "Gods damn you". I immediately felt guilty about it though, and took it back.

Perhaps karma caught up with me on the way home when I noticed that my battery light had come on, and so had my airbag light. After arriving home, I discovered that my car won't start anymore.

I called Tim and he suggests that it's probably my Alternater. The same thing'd happened to his car, and getting it fixed cost him four hundred dollars. And as always seems to be the case when my car goes kaputz, I happen to be broke at the moment.

Oh well. At least it didn't die in a parking lot or on a strange street corner somewhere.


Last night Trisa and I watched a movie called The Red Dwarf. It was strange and funny. We also had some cinnemon ice cream which, you know, really ought to be more commonly available. That and Green Tea are probably my current favourite flavours.

Ugh. I feel like crawling into a giant turtle shell. But I've got things to do . . .

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