Friday, April 25, 2003

My teeth hurt. I guess this Coca-Cola I'm drinking probably won't help matters. Nor, do I think, shall the third of a birthday cake I ate a half hour ago.

Talked to Cryptess on the phone for quite awhile to-day. Looks like she's gonna come down here rather soon.

She'd told me in an earlier phone call about some of the adventures she's had with cheese lately. We also talked about coat hangers, and people that resemble them, and are sexy for it. And also about men who have unfortunate masturbatory experiences with coat hangers.

Cryptess inspired me to eat a certain sandwich to-day--the Submarina vegi sandwich, the kind I used to eat across the street from my first job.

Good sandwich. Lotsa bread.

On Wednesday evening I also, with Trisa, watched The Princess and the Warrior, which was a very sedate and sensitive sort of action film. In a good way.

I want to get up early to-morrow.

I will get up early to-morrw.

I hereby set my alarum clock . . . for noon.


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