Thursday, April 27, 2006

Head...hurts...Friends maybe reading...who get migraines...I shouldn't complain...but...ow.

There was this story on CNN a few days ago about a guy who tried to commit suicide by firing twelve nails into his head with a nail gun (impressive X-Rays at the link). He survived. See, Venkman? It would have worked if you hadn't stopped me.

I've been listening to the new Dresden Dolls album a lot lately. I think it's the best new album by any artist that I've heard in years. Here's a bit from "First Orgasm" I can relate to in an uncanny way;

it is a thursday
i get up early
it is a challenge
i'm usually lazy

I find myself wanting to argue with Amanda Palmer--

Look, it's not because I'm lazy. It's because I normally go to bed at 7am. That would make 10am a ridiculous wakeup for anyone.

Though, interestingly, it was shortly after buying the album that my sleeping schedule went through a massive, inexplicable shift. Lately I've been going to sleep at around 1:30am and waking up at 9am. However, since my grandmother decided to get the kitchen counters changed for polished granite, I'm soon going to have to wake even earlier. I can't win.

So, yes. Thursday, and I have to be out of the house. I'll probably just go to a nearby Starbucks and read. I haven't got a lot of money to-day. I blew too much a couple days ago on The Complete Poems of Anne Sexton and a collection of Alan Moore's writings for DC.

I watched a movie called Nightmare Alley the other day. It's a film noir involving carnies and it lives up to that concept. Tyrone Power as a hustler mentalist finds himself trapped in the bad existential web, his troubles exacerbated by a very wicked psychologist played by Helen Walker. Yes, the movie has everything, and I highly recommend it.

Okay, I'd better start cleaning my room...

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