Monday, April 24, 2006

The world is full of sick cats. Even Victoria, sitting on my lap at this moment, who never gets sick, threw up a few minutes ago while I was eating oatmeal. That the juxtaposition didn't disturb my appetite at all probably confirms that I'm a cat lover.

Victoria's been hanging out with me a lot lately. Even when Tim was here on Saturday, she stayed in the room, playing with my black leather whip. Tim was meanwhile busy putting my old hard drive into my new computer, which Tim had given me for my birthday. That's right--he gave me a whole new computer, and a very nice one, too. I can now play Jedi Academy at the proper resolution, programmes generally work better, and I don't randomly lose internet connexion. It's quite nice, really.

The computer itself even looks nicer, in its little jet black tower. I'd tried at first putting everything together myself--my intention was to put all essential stuff from the old hard drive onto disk, and merely use the new hard drive. When the CD burner on the old computer opted to finally and completely crap out, I hatched the scheme of simply putting the old hard drive in with the new, which proved a good idea in any case, as the old has 60 gigabytes, and the new 40. The only trouble was that I had only the vaguest idea of what I was doing.

Opening the old case, I found wall to wall carpeting of dust, layered on like muscle on a human skeleton. It was quite disgraceful. Removing the hard drive was easy enough, but figuring what little red, and flat grey tapeworm cables were to hook into it on the other computer, was more puzzling. So I brought over Tim, who put it all to rights. I had some trouble getting Microsoft Word to work yesterday, but everything seems in the pink now.

I've started reading Gene Wolfe's The Knight. I've never read a Wolfe book before, though I remembered enjoying the short story he wrote for the prose Sandman collection. And I'd been very much in the mood for a medieval fantasy novel, which is the sort of thing I grew up on, but which I haven't read in a while. So far, The Knight's been a wonderful read. Though I suppose I technically oughtn't to be reading it, as I only bought it six months ago, and I have books I've been borrowing from people for longer than that. Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a slow reader...

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