Saturday, April 08, 2006

Well, I just spent a fruitless hour searching for a Driver's Licence Renewal notice I received a couple weeks ago. It's the only thing that stands between me and being able to renew online. But since it seems to have completely vanished somehow, I have to get up in the middle of the day on Monday, go to the DMV, and get the renewal process going before my current licence expires on Tuesday (happy birthday to me). I've noticed, though, that usually one really crappy thing happens on or around my birthday. Maybe this'll use up that voucher.

While I was straining all the junk in my bag, looking for that one damned envelope, I came across Tom Waits' Alice album, which I've missed for some time. It was out of its case, wedged between papers. It must've fallen out at some point in the soup of papers I don't like wasting my time with. It looks pretty scratched up, but I'm listening to it now and it seems to be playing okay on the computer. I guess if it has problems, I can probably still rip mp3s from it.

I feel sort of dazed and misplaced to-day. This past week, I've basically been working on Boschen and Nesuko for all the waking hours that I wasn't eating, feeding the cats, and updating this blog (exceptions being Tuesday, when I visited my mother, and Thursday, which was Thursday). I'm not sure what to do with myself to-day, and I want to enjoy that feeling, and not worry about stupid driver's licence renewals.

Hmm. I have 666 e-mails in my hotmail inbox. Apparently I'm a packrat of satanic proportion.

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