Monday, April 03, 2006

To-day's gotten off to a strange start (he said at 8pm). I came online to find all sorts of things I wanted to do while at the same time drinking my coffee and eating my oatmeal. But then I inexplicable lost internet connexion and it didn't come back for a really long time. I sat for several moments, glaring at the modem, saying "C'mon, you bastard!" But I guess that was the wrong tact, because nothing happened. I swallowed my oatmeal and sullenly got started on a Boschen and Nesuko page--but the moment the modem's little green light came on, I was back here like a shot.

Yesterday went extremely well, Boschen and Nesuko-wise. I'm really happy with the page I did, so happy I didn't mind that I wasn't finished with it until 5am, and had to go to bed without reading or watching anything.

Okay, I did read a couple of things online. See? This is how my sleeping schedule keeps getting pushed back.

While drawing, I had C-SPAN on, and caught part of an interview with Lieutenant Colonel Karen Kwiatkowski. She seemed like an interesting lady. A former employee at the Pentagon, she was writing about the NeoCon war fever while she was working among those wolves, as far back as 2002. She'd post these essays anonymously (otherwise, she'd have been court-martialled), and they've a very engaging voice, as well as being informative and, well, bleak.

Here's an archive of her anonymous stuff from 2002 and 2003.

I also recommend some of her newer writings;

This piece, essentially comparing U.S. attitudes toward illegal immigrants to prohibition was pretty interesting.

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